The Search for New Ideas….

I’m currently experiencing a ‘down’ phase with art – Art can be therapeutic but it can also be destructive; the frustration that a piece isn’t how I envisioned, that something is not quite right, can really set me off. Learning how to cope and compromise with mistakes is something that is a real test at the best of times for all of us!

I’ve found expression recently through portraiture. I’m not good with words. I’m not good with expressing myself, particularly to people I’m close to. But I always feel a picture speaks a thousand words, words that right now aren’t coming to me.



Sometimes we need to do something very different – I personally went into my local art shop and on the spur of the moment I bought beautiful tinted paper (only £7!!!) and white and cream colour pencils.


My advice to those of you struggling to find inspiration – stop, take some time, think about who you are and what you want to see on paper. I see a lot of people saying to watch this video on anatomy, and that book on technique and while they are all good and worthwhile videos/books/websites and interesting you must find in yourself the power to create art. These resources are amazing for technique but draw whatever you want. If it looks a bit funky, then resort back to your material but stop worrying.


Also…push yourself, try something new, be free; but remember to take time out to reflect. Too little self-reflection and introspection are present in today’s world, it’s so easy to blame someone or to write something off for later. 10 minutes a day of thinking about who you are and what you want is extremely liberating (or at least it has been for me!)

For my next blog post I’m hoping to do some explanation of portraiture and my approach to it, if that seems like an interesting topic or if you would rather see something else, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!


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My Fight vs Anatomy Continues…





So one of my biggest frustrations has always been anatomy – I can’t ever seem to connect things properly. I can draw muscles and bones individually – but together? Forget it! I’ve looked at Loomis and other often recommended anatomical artists but to no luck. But recently, after doodling some Batman and some Superwoman, I’ve found that this particular style really has helped me grasp anatomy better and better. Maybe it’s because everything is bigger and bolder? Who knows, I’m just glad it’s getting there.

So I begin with the head, and specifically with the popular hero, The Flash:



Not bad for almost 2 years of no drawing!



I found it much easier to identify where the eyes and mouth should go, although I feel the jaw looks a little off because of the style it doesn’t upset the picture too much in my opinion. Adding in a bit of ink and clearing up some of the lines was a big help to see what I was doing:


Bit of an oops on the nose but it’s getting there!



Overall though I honestly feel like the reason this style works for me is because it’s so fun. Sometimes academic -based drawing becomes such a drag I lose all motivation for it.


I see improvement!!



In short then I finally feel happy(ish) with facial anatomy. Tomorrow I want to try skulls to really get it down properly, I’m expecting some frustration with that but I feel much more up to the challenge. This has really taught me that deviating from the traditional approach to learning to draw really can push you, and motivate you further. Don’t ignore it – just don’t feel you have to spend hours only drawing heads or figures! It will drain you.

Until the next post…with skulls.

Drawing Challenge Day 3

I know these have not been uploaded that frequently but I will finish this challenge! I’ve been travelling so a lot of the time I don’t really have the time to draw. For this entry it’s ‘draw your favourite TV show’ and I chose Supernatural.


I’ve only just started watching this show and I really like it! I know it’s quite old now but it’s a good one to watch. This drawing took me about 20 minutes and it is a bit rushed but overall I’m happy with it.

I really hope you guys like this challenge 🙂 stay tuned for the next entry which will be ‘draw your favourite food’.

30 Day Drawing – Day 2

So here is my second entry, ‘something mythological’. I chose something a bit different; I went for Mictlantecuhtli (phew) the Aztec god of the underworld!

Forewarning…it’s a little creepy! I drew this from a statue. I used a mechanical pencil, not the nicest one either. Sorry again for the bad quality I have no scanner right now.



Tomorrow I’ll be working on the next one; your favourite TV show. What to draw? We shall soon find out.

30 Day Drawing Challenge

I thought it’d be fun to try this, there are loads of these out there and I’ve been meaning to do one for ages. I can’t guarantee it’ll be 30 consecutive days but I’ll try!

So the first day is to draw an animal that you’ve never drawn before. I went with Snow Leopard and it was really fun – although my final piece resembles a Cougar more than a Snow Leopard… Just goes to show how a slight error in jaw length and width and not drawing fur can change things. I should have made the jaw longer, but by the time I noticed it was too late. Better luck next time! Tomorrow’s challenge : something mythological.

Snow Leopard…

Anxiety and Art

So I haven’t really been around much and I suppose I should explain myself. I’ve been really trying to sort out the direction in my life and it’s meant that I’ve had to work full time to try and earn almost £14,000 in a short space of time! Miraculously, I’m quite close. But working that many hours a week has left me soul-destroyed and I personally find that I have to be in a decent mood to draw, or at least be inspired.

GIMP Digital Drawing 2015

The thing is that recently I just haven’t liked any of my pictures – they all seem twisted, or off. I try to do technical studies but I can’t help but find them so boring after a while! I’m planning on going back to University to study German and Spanish but I’m worried it just won’t turn out. There are so many choices these days that can be made and it’s hard to know which direction to go in, let alone whether or not you will be capable in that chosen area and/or successful.

I really want to keep going with art but I feel like it will be a difficult journey back to the place I was a few months ago, where I could sit for hours and draw.

I guess sometimes though it’s best to take time out to review yourself, and while I don’t have any serious responsibilities, now is the best time.

Charcoal Figure Drawing, 20 seconds.